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Avid gamer, passionate artist, dragon fanatic. I am a concept artist that uses art to tell stories and bring the impossible to life. I have been drawing as long as he can remember, whether independently, free lance or for the Flowerpot Games studio.
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Hippo_and_tooth Screw_the_horde Scarf_dress Algal_sea Mini_pilot Gear_master Mahogany Leggy Unicorn_crab Undesirables Mountain_mists Birthed Heavy_drakien Ia45_natas Newyork_showdown Tauren_dualies Tauren_linesman Tauren_backside Tauren_druid Dragon_garb Tree_surveilance Epic_clash Supper Acw_tiger Murky_swamp Veritable_doom Amaterasu Jump_jet Comet_rider Dragon_treats Sporeling Plague_doctor Sabear Mortar_worms Preparation Cthulhu_santa Noh_thief Abstracts_in_space The_sejuay Raggamoffyn Passage Outdated Pilot Clapper Cat_rescue Assailant Handy_man Squirrely Monster_under_my_bed Extraction Prowl Gel_rider Sentry Julie Aerosite Mandible Spider_scout Lurker Hulk Break_time On_the_way Sheep_crab Boat_guest Awkward Bio_minotaur Venerable Storyteller Nice_try Beast Skree Mite_modeled Mite Bore Drubu_tree Vintarum Scream Scrap_dragon Sunamis Ho Overlooking Straha Dj_varyl Ryo_tauren Fane Gnome_shang Ff_artifact Dkon_command Official Ruth_cockpit_concept Ruth_cutout Warder_love Ryo_beastlord Counterstrike_dragon Ryo_with_nev_plush Dorm